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Short term parking area

The subject-to-charge parking area extends from the Obere Hauptstraße (upper main street), Hauptplatz (main square) to the Untere Hauptstraße (lower main street) as far as Seestraße and some side streets

The parking times subject to charge on weekdays are
Monday to Friday 9.00 - 12.00 and 14.00 - 17.00 and Saturday 9.00 - 12.00.



Since the end of November, parking tickets in Neusiedl am See can also be purchased easily via mobile phone. Private contract customers of A1, T-Mobile, Drei and tele.ring do not need to register separately: they pay via paybox and their mobile phone bill, all other mobile phone customers register once. Handyparking can be used via SMS or app The handyparker simply sends the parking duration. The user then receives an SMS as confirmation. Ten minutes before the parking ticket expires, there is an SMS reminder. The parking ticket can then be conveniently extended on the go if necessary. Find out more at www.handyparken.at

Fees are € 0.50 for 30 minutes (minimum fee). For an additional € 0.10 you get a further 6 minutes parking time. The maximum parking time is 120 minutes. Please note: you need to insert the exact money as there is no facility for giving change.



Advance purchase of parking tickets: Trafik (tobacconist) Dragschitz Trafik (tobacconist) Scheuer-Renner



NEW: 30 MINUTES OF FREE OF CHARGE PARKING! (Without parking ticket)
after which a parking ticket must be purchased.

SHORT TERM PARKING AREAS – Taken from the road traffic act, StVO 1960 § 25


(1) short term parking may not be less than 30 minutes and not more than 3 hours (in Neusiedl am See, in accordance with regulations, 2 hours or 120 minutes).


(2) Regulations according to Para. 1 are to be made known by signs according to § 52 Z 13d and 13e; §44 para. 1 shall apply. In addition short term parking areas can display floor markings on the road surface in blue or on the kerb and blue marking lines on dedicated installations for street traffic signs within the area of short term parking, on lamp posts or suchlike.


The following alternative but free parking areas are available to guests and customers visiting our town:



Wiener Straße
Corner Teichgasse-Gartenweg
Paulinerweg Parkplatz
Zentrum Parkplatz
Parkplatz Peter-Floridan-Gasse
Gartenweg (near Haus St. Nikolaus)
car park behind the district court

Permanent parking tickets for residents

Residents in the short term parking area (main residence in the short term parking area) can apply for a permanent parking ticket for one or two years at the town council (Stadtgemeinde).

Contact: Herr Lukas Stranz, Tel. 02167-2300-318.

Some private concerns offer permanent parking places that are subject to charge.
Neusiedl am See city council began its parking management in December 1996 and appointed S.E.S. to carry out supervision and monitoring.

Fa. S.E.S. Trummer
Hirschfeldspitz 46
Tel: 02167/40417

Monday to Thursday 13.30 - 14.00
Friday 12.00 - 12.30