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Tennis is a popular leisure activity and an ideal activity to counteract the stresses of working life. In Neusiedl am See you can combine the pleasure of enjoying a ball game with fresh air and recuperation in a dry and warm Pannonian climate.


3 open-air courts (sand) belonging to the Segel-Tennisschule Neusiedl. These are actually at the bathing beach. In Neusiedl am See there are another 13 open-air courts and 5 indoor courts (club courts) and 3 squash courts.


Service Neusiedl am See! Fun and games for the whole family


3 open-air courts (sand) at the bathing lake belonging to Tennisschule Hofbauer

Strandbad, T: 02167 8760


3 open-air courts (Opti grass) and 5 indoor courts at Tennis Treff SK Seegarten (Club)

Seegärten 115, T: 02167 40292


7 open-air courts in the Sportzentrum (sand) belonging to UTC Neusiedl am See (Club)


3 open-air courts in the Sportzentrum (sand) belonging to HTC-Neusiedl am See (Club)


Please inquire about tennis instructors, available at all venues.


Squash 2 courts: Tennis Treff SK Seegarten (Club), T: 02167 40292