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Sailing & surfing

Riding the waves – sailing and surfing

The word has spread. Lake Neusiedl See is one of the best areas for wind-surfing and sailing in Europe. Proof is in the international events held here on the largest steppe lake in Central Europe: record speeds, loops and tricks – this is the place. And yachts people too come here in their thousands. No wonder the area is a dream venue for beginners, more advanced sailors and professionals alike.

A stiff breeze – precipitous action

Beginners enjoy the waves in a sheltered bay while further out experienced surfers try out daring manoeuvres and holiday-makers’ cameras are set to continuous mode.

But even if there is not much wind, you can still practise your water sports. At the sailing and surfing schools training takes place in calm conditions too. Early success is possible with their wide training boards. So, practice makes perfect is the order of the day.

Set sail – enjoy your voyage

Yachts people take it easy here – even in calm and sunny weather it is still worth taking the boat out. And a folding bathing ladder allows you to cool off and get back on board quickly. 320 km² reed beds and water – there’s plenty of room to be driven by wind and waves.

The wind is your friend

It’s worth keeping an eye on the wind and weather forecasts. Storms break quickly over the steppe lake, especially when the weather has been very warm. But don’t underestimate the lake; it’s only 1.5 – 1.8 m deep but in a violent wind it can turn ugly.

Big names – small town

The national training facility in Neusiedl am See offers very good conditions for training, for world champions and Olympic medallists like Andreas Geritzer, Roman Hagara or Christoph Sieber. Thanks to its sailing centre, Neusiedl am See is the home port for competitive water sports in Austria.

Segelschule Neusiedl - Hofbauer und Partner GmbH
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Steppensee SUP-Center
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7100 Neusiedl am See
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Österreichischer Segel-Verband / Austrian Sailing Federation
Seestraße 17b
7100 Neusiedl am See
+43 (0) 2167 / 40 243-0
Union Yacht Club Neusiedlersee
Seegelände 4
7100 Neusiedl am See
Clubhaus: +43 2167 / 8803
Regattabüro: +43 2167 / 8668

SCNW Segel Club Neusiedl West
Segelhafen West
7100 Neusiedl am See
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