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Come and join in! Play boules or pétanque (both terms are correct) in Neusiedl am See with panoramic views out over Neusiedl Lake. The facility is right by the Tabor ruins and is accessible from the town centre in just a few minutes.

An ideal place to play, relax, let your spirits soar...

In the summer you’ll find there’s always someone there playing boules.

On Thursday there is a regular game! Tuesday is training day (always from around 19.00).


The facility is open to all boules enthusiasts!

"We just have to play boules"

A sport for all year round, wir we play in all weathers. In the winter in the hall.
Good for your health, good cross-training exercise
Excitement and relaxation,ideal exercise to counteract the stresses and strains of everyday life.
Get out of the house, active lifestyle choice, even if your health is not perfect.
Social contacts and integration get to know new people.

Boules Rules

AIM of the game: to throw as near as possible to the small wooden cochonette (sow).
TEAMS: Two (3 balls each). Four or six players form two teams each with 6 balls.
START: You draw lots to start. The beginning team throws the sow 6 to 10 metres away and places one of the metal balls there. The site of the throw is marked with a 50 cm (approx.) circle.
PROCESS: Now the opponent throws (players may be chosen freely) until he/she has thrown a better ball. Then it’s the turn of the others.
SCORING: Points are given only to the team with the winning ball. For each subsequent well placed ball they receive one point.
WINNER: The team that is the first to score 13 points has won.