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Vast open spaces and many, many kilometres of cycle trails - so for those who love to spend time on their bike, Neusiedl am See is ideal: the wide Pannonian plains in and around the Neusiedl See World Heritage region offer fabulously good conditions for cyclists.

The scenery is almost too lovely to be true and the views are unique, 2,000 hours of sun every year and always a light breeze at your back - that makes cycling here doubly good fun. And when you stop to have a break, you can either rest at one of the comfortable resting areas en route or visit one of the many rustic inns nearby.

And because of its good transport links, Neusiedl am See is amongst many other things an excellent place to start your cycle tour.

There are a number of different cycle routes near Neusiedl am See that need exploring:


B10 Cycle route around Lake Neusiedl See: 135 km, of which 38 km are on the Hungarian side.The cycle route around Lake Neusiedl See is one of the most beautiful and diverse cycle routes that the region has to offer. Gentle gradients and the good surface make this a popular route for families.



B21 Cycle route linking with the Danube cycle route – B10: 31 km

This route links the B10 cycle path with the Danube cycle route. This cycle trail is historically very interesting; it takes you right past the Roman excavations in Carnuntum.

B29 Wind cycle route: 51 km

This is a circular trail that links Neusiedl am See with Parndorf (designer outlet centre), and partially overlaps with the B21 cycle route.

The Bathing Lake und Adventure Indoor Pool may be reached easily from the cycle route to the lake. There are rest places at the indoor pool and in Deggendorferstraße.

Cycle hire in the resort:
Verleih Bucsis, Bahnhof (train station), Tel. 0664/1608800 (good for those travelling by train)
Hotel Wende, Seestraße 40, Tel. 02167/8111

Cycle cards, information and tips at the tourist office, Tourismusbüro Neusiedl am See, Untere Hauptstraße (the lower main street) 7.