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Neusiedl - the town on the lake

Neusiedl am See is not just the town that gave the lake its name, it is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Neusiedl lake area region. The sun shines almost constantly during the warmer months of the year and the townspeople are hospitable to a fault. And couple this with the local Pannonian cuisine and you have a holiday resort like no other.

As soon as you arrive in Neusiedl am See you’ll feel everywhere a lightness of being that is typical of the region. There are over 7,000 inhabitants in this small town where there are countless opportunities for leisure, relaxation - and shopping! From the beginning of April till the end of October the place is popular with holiday-makers and people who simply enjoy their leisure-time: sailing, surfing, bathing, riding, tennis - or even doing nothing!

There is plenty of accommodation, lots of good places for pleasure-seekers to go and eat and cosy rustic inns for an evening outing with a glass or two of wine.


If you look back you will see that Neusiedl am See was always a rustic town both culturally and in structure. The topographical features between the Parndorf plate and lake shore have meant that the original small village with its different buildings would become a classic ribbon development. All the historic and public buildings are along the main street.


Some buildings are well preserved and the dwellings beautifully kept, there is a good choice of schools, lovely countryside and excellent transport links to Vienna, to the provincial capital of Eisenstadt and to Bratislava (in Slovakia) – these are the features that make Neusiedl am See a great place to live, work in or visit for your holiday.