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Coat of arms

Awarded in 2016.

The oldest known form dates from 1592 (Ratsakten Rust Nr. 70, 1592). It depicts three towers, the middle of which is tapered towards the top and bears a pointed roof with a roof core.

This tower has one window each in the lower and upper storeys. The two side towers are slender, windowless, somewhat lower than the main tower (central tower) and also have a pointed roof with a roof core. The lake is indicated in the foreground. Nothing is known about the tinctures. In the later form, the coat of arms shows three ashlar towers in silver (white), each with a projecting crenellated cross and a high round gate, on a shield signed in red. The central tower is raised by the width of one battlement and bears an inserted hipped roof, the arched gate is also somewhat raised. The side towers have inserted high pointed roofs. According to the colour signature, the market colours are silver (white) - red.

The newer coat of arms again shows three towers. They bear inset tent roofs. The central tower has a round gate, the gates of the side towers are rectangular. Each tower has a pair of windows on the upper floor. Coat of arms SILVER, escutcheon RED.