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Coat of arms

The oldest known form dates back to 1592 (Rust town archive No. 70, 1592). It has three towers; the middle one tapered at the top and has a pointed roof with roof core.

This tower has a window in the lower and upper floors. Both the side towers are slim, have no windows, are lower than the main tower (middle tower) and also have pointed roofs with core. In front the lake is indicated. Nothing is known about the tinctures. Later the coat of arms is on a red shield and has a projecting crenel cross on each of the three crenels and towers made from blocks in silver (white) each with a high round door. The middle tower is higher by the width of a crenel and has a hipped roof, and the round door is also higher. The side towers have high pointed roofs. According to the marking, the market colours are silver (white) – red.
The more recent coat of arms, used in the last century, also has three towers with drawn in, irregular building blocks. All three towers are tapered towards the top, the side towers more than the higher, stoutly built middle tower. They all have tent roofs on the crenel crosses. The middle tower has a round door; the doors of the side towers are square. On the top floor each tower has a pair of windows, in the side towers these are slanting. The marking is the same: coat of arms image SILVER (WHITE), coat of arms RED. Nothing is known of the document granting the coat of arms. Since town privileges were granted in 1926, Neusiedl am See has borne green and white as its town colours.