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Lake Neusiedl World Heritage

The Lake Neusiedl cultural landscape was declared a UNESCO world heritage site on 13 December 2001. This acknowledged the exceptional interest and universal value for mankind as a whole of the Pannonian steppe lake and parts of the surrounding area.

As a cross-border region, Lake Neusiedl was nominated in cooperation with Hungary. The core area of the site is on the Austrian side, and comprises the Neusiedler See–Seewinkel National Park, the reed beds and the historic town of Rust.

It is not just geological and geomorphologic features that make the area so exceptional. The landscape provides a natural habitat for a unique diversity of Pannonian, Alpine and Mediterranean flora and fauna.



The area also is also populated by a rich variety of ethnicities derived from the interaction of Germanic, Slavic and Finno-Ugric peoples  A rich archaeological heritage and well-preserved buildings in the towns and villages provide a pleasing visual counterpoint to the geographical features.