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Wine & Cuisine

What would Burgenland be without its wine? The inhabitants of Neusiedl am See have lived off the proceeds from wine for many years, at one time wine production was even the main source of revenue. Records from Mediaeval times prove that in those days wines from the area were exported to many other central European countries. And nothing much has changed today: wines from the region are enjoyed way beyond the border of Burgenland.

Why does wine from Neusiedl am See taste so good? It’s the combination that counts -  the climate in the Pannonian region and a lake environment: hot, dry summers alternate with cold winters without much rain. The lake contributes by storing up the heat and regulating the humidity, beneficial to the maturation process and to the development of “noble rot”. Finally the soil structure: lime from the Leitha mountains, loess, loam and gravelly soils – these are all good conditions for fruity, elegant quality wines and the superior Prädikatsweine.